21 Best Chef Wolfgang Puck Quotes

In our last post, we gave you our curated list of 21 best Thomas Keller quotes. In this post, we have curated the best inspirational quotes by chef Wolfgang puck. As usual, we’ve compiled top10 fun facts about Chef Wolfgang Puck. in case you are interested in knowing about him. if not then you can skip this section and read our curated list of 21 best Chef Wolfgang Puck quotes.

Top10 Fun Facts about Chef Wolfgang Puck

  1. He was born in Austria and started his training in culinary as an apprenticeship from an early age of 14.
  2. He is the only chef in the world to have won two times the prestigious James beard award for outstanding chef.
  3. House-smoked salmon pizza is his best signature dish! sounds unique, isn’t it?
  4. he has not just famous for his restaurants he has also worked on many TV shows and commercials with other well-known celebs.
  5. There is a documentary film ‘Wolfgang’ on disney+ produced by David Gelf the producer of chef’s table. his story is really inspiring. I would say every chef should watch this movie.
Trailer of a biographical documentary movie on Chef Wolfgang Puck

6. who really inspired him to be a chef is Chef Raymond Thuillier at L’Oustau de Baumaniere when young Wolfgang puck was working under him. and what inspired him the most about Chef Raymond Thuillier let’s see in chef Wolfgang puck’s own words:

“When I was 19, I was working at Baumanière. I wanted to be like the owner was also the chef. He brought into the kitchen Picasso, Elizabeth Taylor and famous French singer Jonny Hallyday and some other celebrities, and somehow, I said I wanted to be like this guy, I was 19 and from then on I said I’m gonna do that.”

Chef Wolfgang Puck

7. Wolfgang Puck has cooked for many royal families, celebrities, and many presidents and prime ministers that we can’t keep a list of. he is one of the pioneers of the celebrity chef movement.

8. Her mother Maria Topdsching was a pastry chef.

9. He Opened His First Restaurant in 1975

10. He Has Published many Cookbooks about 8 or 9 cookbooks.

I hope that you liked knowing 10 fun facts about Chef Wolfgang Puck. Now that you know that he is a very successful great chef. Let’s look at the wise words of Chef Wolfgang Puck.

List of 21 best chef Wolfgang Puck Quotes

Chef Wolfgang Puck Quotes On Chef Life and Restaurant Business:

Many of the most successful chefs have started working in the kitchen early in life. they don’t wait till they get into culinary school. some chefs discovered their passion for food later in life like chef Julia child. but Chef Wolfgang Puck started early in life.

I left school when I was 14 to work in kitchens. – Chef Wolfgang Puck Share on X

He is a man of experience. these are the quotes that show his wisdom and understanding of the chef’s business.

A good chef has to be a manager, a businessman and a great cook. To marry all three together is sometimes difficult. – Chef Wolfgang Puck Share on X One thing I always say is being a great chef today is not enough – you have to be a great businessman. – Chef Wolfgang Puck Share on X I think it's really important to keep on staying motivated. – Chef Wolfgang Puck Share on X Restaurants are like having children: it's fun to make them, maybe, but then you have them for good and bad. You are going to have to raise them and if something goes wrong when they are 30 years old, they will still be your little… Share on X The most important thing for me is to really buy the best ingredient. – Chef Wolfgang Puck Share on X A lot of chefs are traditional and do it very well. But the ones who are the most successful are the ones who change things. That is why someone like Heston Blumenthal is a genius. – Chef Wolfgang Puck Share on X I learned more from the one restaurant that didn't work than from all the ones that were successes. – Chef Wolfgang Puck Share on X A lot of restaurants serve good food, but they don't have very good service. – Chef Wolfgang Puck Share on X It's very important in a restaurant to really do the right hiring because there's no restaurant where you have one cook and one chef and nobody else in the kitchen. Generally, you have five, ten, or 15 people with you. So that's… Share on X The good news about showcasing chefs and the TV shows is they've attracted a lot more smart kids to the profession than 30 years ago. On the downside, though, these young chefs all say they want their own restaurant and their own TV… Share on X You see fewer and fewer chefs who are really big – most stay in shape. – Chef Wolfgang Puck Share on X Now everybody thinks that once you do Top Chef, then 13 weeks later you're a chef. Nobody wants to learn to cook anymore. – Chef Wolfgang Puck Share on X

Chef Wolfgang Puck Quotes On The Art Of Cooking

Cooking is like painting or writing a song. Just as there are only so many notes or colors, there are only so many flavors – it's how you combine them that sets you apart. – Chef Wolfgang Puck Share on X A chef is a mixture maybe of artistry and craft. You have to learn the craft really to get there. – Chef Wolfgang Puck Share on X For me, cooking is an expression of the land where you are and the culture of that place. – Chef Wolfgang Puck Share on X I like the Japanese knives, I like French knives. Whatever's sharp. – Chef Wolfgang Puck Share on X

Chef Wolfgang Puck Quotes show his human side

You know, I never really thought of myself as a 'celebrity.' One of the titles that I like least is 'celebrity chef.' – Chef Wolfgang Puck Share on X When you meet someone, ask about what hobby they have, not what they do. People always ask me about cooking, but I prefer to talk about tennis or boxing. – Chef Wolfgang Puck Share on X There's a lot of processed food in America and I know that can make some tourists who're used to fresh food feel sick. – Chef Wolfgang Puck Share on X When I do a cooking class now, I tell people that the most important part is to read the recipe many times so you know what you're doing. What I don't tell them, though, is that sometimes I do parties where I'm rushing so much I… Share on X

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As a bonus, we would like to share with you a link to a video on youtube. in that video valuetainment host, Patrick bet David interviews Chef Wolfgang puck about his life and entrepreneurship. this video is filled with many life-changing pieces of advice and insight.

You can watch chef Wolfgang puck’s interview by this link.

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